3 Critical Tips When Having Custom Rubber Parts Made For Industrial Applications

18 February 2020
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You may run into an industrial project that warrants a unique rubber part. It may be some sort of seal for a gasket or grip for a tool. When having this type of custom rubber part made, these tips are important to consider.

Get Design Down Perfectly

Before your custom rubber part or parts are officially manufactured, you need to spend time getting the design down perfectly. Otherwise, you could waste a lot of time and money on materials.

Fortunately, there are plenty of 3D rendering programs you can use to perfect your design. You can mess around with the dimensions and adjust shapes quickly. The 3D design lets you see exactly what the custom rubber part will look like, which helps you ensure everything is perfect before you officially go into production for real. You can even hire professionals to help you design with this software, too. 

Have Prototypes Made First

Once you have your designs adequately planned out, you should follow up by making a couple of prototypes. Then, you can test them out and see how they perform in real-time with your operations.

If you notice problems with the prototypes, fixing them won't be that costly. That wouldn't be the case if you had hundreds and even thousands of custom rubber parts made. Think of a prototype as quality assurance. You can make sure there are no imperfections that might have slipped your attention. If there are, you can adjust them without really having to worry. 

Look for a Guarantee

If you're worried about letting a company design and produce custom rubber parts for a particular industrial purpose, then you should look for a guarantee. A lot of manufacturers will offer them as a way to attract more clients and because they're confident in their services.

With this guarantee, you can rest assured you'll receive custom rubber parts that are exactly what you hoped they would be. If there is any issue, such as a structural defect, you can have the manufacturer make adjustments free of charge. This is nice from a financial perspective.

Custom rubber parts are critical for a lot of industrial operations today. If you plan on ordering some for an upcoming task, make sure you take the design and selection process seriously from the start. Then, you'll be completely satisfied with the custom rubber parts that are delivered to your worksite.

For more information, contact a company that manufactures custom rubber parts.