How To Pick Out The Right Water Heater For Your Rental Property

18 February 2020
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Are you setting your rental property up with everything it needs before you begin renting it out to tenants who may leave there for a year or more? One of the things you might need to get for the property is a water heater. The equipment will heat the water that comes through the pipes, which then allows your tenants to take warm showers, hot baths, and wash their clothes on a warm or hot cycle when they need to do so. You must make it a priority to select a water heater that is the right fit for the home. Shop around and take some considerations to mind before buying a water heater and having it installed.

Pick a Size: Which Size Is the Right Size?

Water heaters vary in size based on the gallons of water that can fit into an individual tank. What you need to consider is the number of people who will likely live in the home. While it is not always easy to predict how many children a tenant might have, you should have a maximum number of people that can safely live in the home due to its size and number of bedrooms inside the property. With that information in mind, you can choose a water heater that would provide enough hot water for the average family of four, five, six, or however many people can live inside your rental property at one time. If you make the right selection, your tenants will not have to worry about running out of hot water while they are showering.

Know More About the Options: Is a Tankless Water Heater Worth It?

You do have the choice to get a tankless water heater. There are some advantages to these types of water heaters, such as their energy efficiency. They do not take up much space as traditional water heaters do. However, tankless options do tend to cost a bit more. You would need to consider if the cost is worth it or not. Even if you decide not to get a tankless option, you can find energy-efficient water heater tanks that will still help your tenants reduce water waste and save money.

Before you rent a property to tenants, you do need to have a water heater installed. Select a size based on how many people can live in the home that you are renting out. After figuring out which size to choose, you can then decide if you want to have a tankless option installed or not.

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