Finding The Right Service Body For Your Work Truck

20 October 2020
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


Trucks that haul a lot of tools and equipment to the job site often need a custom aluminum truck body or service body to make the best use of the truck. Service bodies allow you to store equipment, tools, and parts in the truck's boxes and bed, making it easier to work from the truck while remaining organized. 

Service Trucks

Many different kinds of businesses rely on service trucks to maintain or repair equipment on the job and can not be easily moved to a shop. The service truck can take all the tools and equipment needed to make the repairs to the equipment, and the mechanic can use the truck as their shop.

Ordering a custom aluminum truck service body for your service truck is an excellent way to ensure that the truck will be able to carry all the tools and equipment you use for the type of work that you do. You can often specify what you want on the body, and if there are particular things you need like a generator or welder, you may need to have the builder create a mount for them on the body. 

In some cases, a crane or lift may be necessary, and ordering a custom aluminum truck body is the best way to allow for something like this. Because the hoist needs to have enough support, it needs to have additional support under the service truck body or be tied into the frame to work correctly and be safe to use. 

New Body, Old Truck

If you have a truck that you have been using for a few years and is still in good condition, you may want to put a new custom aluminum truck body on it and make the truck more useful for the job you are using it for. The body manufacturer needs to know what the make and model of the bed are so that they can build the body to sit on the existing bed mounts under the bed. 

If the truck is rusted or has damage to those mounts, the body will not attach properly, so take a few minutes to inspect the frame and mounts of the truck before ordering the body to put on it.

The truck's age is less critical than the condition, and sometimes a truck that has a hard life on the construction site or farm is not up to the task of having a new custom aluminum service body installed on it.