Don't Let A Broken Spindle Lead To Downtime

26 February 2020
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Machine spindle problems can become very expensive if you don't prevent them. Not only will you need to replace broken spindles, but you will also experience downtime as a result of the broken spindles. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent spindles from breaking in the first place. The money that you don't lose as a result of broken spindles is money in your pocket.

Gradual Spindle Failure

Spindles and bearings do not fail instantly; they are usually failing over a long period of time. The materials that the spindle is working with, the balance, and the chip load all have an impact on the life of a spindle. The bearing will last longer if it is placed under a lower workload. However, you may not be able to reduce the workload without also reducing the productivity of your shop.

When a bearing is starting to fail, you will notice drag and the motion of the bearing will be rougher. You might also notice that the cuts have declined in quality. This might be unacceptable for your project. Ideally, you will want to schedule downtime before it gets to this point so that you can have your spindle repaired. 

Spindle Repair Services

If you do need to have your spindles repaired, some services will require that you remove and send your spindles to them so they can be repaired. There are other services that will travel on-site and perform spindle repairs. Either way, you'll want your spindles maintained before they become so damaged that they cause your machine to wear down. You'll want your spindles to operate at peak performance so that you can improve productivity. 

Make sure to contact a spindle repair technician that repairs the type of spindle you're using. For example, if you are using a grinding spindle, make sure that the company does not only specialize in boring spindles. 

The Spindle Repair Process

The technician will perform a failure analysis to determine why it failed. They will inspect the component for any signs of wear and tear. They will replace any parts that need to be replaced. Then, the part will be reassembled and returned to you.

Replacing a Custom Machine Spindle

When you do need to replace a spindle after it has worn out, you may have specific requirements that must be met. Therefore, you may need to find a supplier who will make custom machine spindles.

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