Is Your Refinery Running With Problems? Get Turnaround Management Services Today

11 June 2020
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


If you are in upper management or own a refinery and you are having difficulty staying afloat financially and with staffing, it is time to get help. There are refinery turnaround management companies that come in and help you turn things around.

The companies will not just manage the employees and help to reconstruct your financial spending, but they will also train everyone to be able to continue the right path after they are gone. Here are some things to investigate when picking the company for the job.


You want to look at the accreditations of the refinery management company you bring in to change your business. Things to look for include:

  • Refinery training and industry knowledge or degrees

  • Certifications for management and leadership training

  • Business accreditations and accolades

The management team should be trained in the industry, in management, and have the right type of financial training as well.

Management Costs

You want to find out how the company will charge to come in and manage the company. Different expenses for these services could include:

  • One year contract with set costs

  • Set fee for the company to work until the refinery is turned around

  • Hourly or weekly wages

  • Benefit packages included

Look at more than one company and be sure to look at the overall costs to have these companies come in.

Reference Check

Talk with other business owners and management teams that have used the company or companies you are considering for your own refinery. You want to know if they successfully helped the reference company, if the cost was worth the results in the long run, and what refinery turnaround management team is recommended. You may find that one of the companies has more experience in fixing your business's current problems than others.

If your refinery needs help finding better staff, setting budgets, improving production, and just being more efficient overall, it's time to get the right turnaround management team in to help. You may be overspending on anything from supplies to healthcare or running shifts improperly.

The company will come in and look at your procedures, how your current managers are doing their jobs, and then evaluate the staff. Don't wait until it's too late and be sure to get a cost estimate from more than one company. This way you don't overspend if you don't have to when you are trying to improve your business.