Safety Tips When Using Propane Gas In Or Around Your Home

8 December 2020
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


Propane gas can be used to heat up your BBQ or even heat your entire home. If you will be using propane gas on your property or within your house, it's important you keep certain safety tips in mind. Propane gas offers many benefits including the ability to burn hotter than other types of gas, but propane gas safety should always be at the front of your mind.

Never Use a Grill Indoors

If you're thinking you might be able to get creative and bring your propane grill indoors in the case of rain, you need to think again. Cracking a window isn't going to cut it either. Bringing a propane gas grill inside your home is a serious fire risk, not to mention extremely dangerous if your tank were to spring a leak.

Don't Store Tanks Indoors or Leave Them in Your Car

It doesn't matter if you are not actively using the propane tank. You should never leave a propane tank indoors or in any other closed space, like your car. After picking up a new tank of propane, you should bring it home right away to store it correctly. Any leakage at all could prove to be a disaster. Always drive your tank straight home after picking it up and store it outdoors, or consider propane delivery if you need propane frequently.

Your Propane Stove or Other Appliance is Not a Heater

If you are thinking about contacting a local propane gas company so you can start using propane heat, that's great. But don't think that your propane stove is a substitute for the real thing if your heater is out. A propane gas stove with an open flame should be only turned on when you are actively cooking. Letting the flame stay on indefinitely could send additional gas into your home, increasing the risk of fire.

Know Where the Gas Supply Valve on Your Heater Is

If you do use propane gas for heating your home, make sure every member of the family is aware of where the propane gas shutoff valve is located. If you ever smell gas leaking anywhere in your home, shutting off the supply valve should be the first step you take, followed immediately by contacting a local professional.

For best results with propane gas, use common sense when storing it, and allow a professional to conduct regular maintenance on your propane heating system.